Our bins

3m3 Welshpool Waste bin

3m³ bin (approx 3000 litres or 12 wheelie bins)

1.5m2 Welshpool Waste bin

1.5m³ bin (approx 1500 litres or 6 wheelie bins)

We have 1.5m³ or 3m³ bins available for placement on your property, which we empty for you on scheduled basis. This can be:

  • weekly
  • fortnightly
  • monthly (4 weekly)
  • bi-monthly (8 weekly)

We charge a monthly rental fee for the bin, and then you are charged per empty.

A calendar can be provided which tells you what days your bin will be emptied. You can request an extra empty at any time and you can also ask for the scheduled empty to be skipped, if you are away or the bin is not full.

Weekend, event, or short term hire. We deliver a 1.5m³ or 3m³ size bin to you property with our ute and trailer.  Our fixed rate fee includes delivery of bin to your property then we return within 14 days later to take the bin away.

Payment for bin is required prior to, or upon delivery. Additional bins and extended hire is available (fees apply).

*Please note: Our skips/clean up bins may not have lids.

We are proud to offer our service of paper & cardboard recycling.

We have 1.5m³ or 3m³ bins available for placement on your property. The paper and cardboard is then emptied into our trucks and delivered at the recycling plant to make paper.

Our most popular locations for the bins so are at Pubs, schools, and businesses. We are noticing a significant decrease in waste going into the waste bins.

Welshpool Waste Truck

Our truck measurements

To give you an idea of how much room our truck needs to deliver and empty our bins.

Width 2.6m
Length 10.1m
Height 3.6m

The following items cannot be placed in our waste bins

Asbestos, tins of liquid paint or oil, gas bottles, tree stumps, chemicals, car tyres, car engines, mattresses, concrete, tiles or bricks. We also cannot take scrap steel. IF you are not sure about something, please ask.