About us

Welshpool Waste Disposal was established in 1986 by John Pyke, after the local tips closed and locals were at a loss as to how to dispose of their rubbish. John had an idea to start collecting waste from residents and farms and to charge for transport to the tip on top of the tip fees. He set out to obtain commitment from locals, to ‘sign up’ to his service, and so was born Welshpool Waste Disposal.

To start with, John would go to each house or farm, pick up the bins on his ute, take them to the tip, and return the bins. Once he had more customers, he had to rethink his idea. So he started making the front lift dumpsters in his shed, and then needed a truck to empty them.

Thirty years on, John’s son Adrian is now a part owner in the business, drives the garbage truck most days, and oversees the day to day running of the business. Adrian’s wife Emma runs the office side of things, and is usually the one you will speak to on the phone.

We make a lot of our own bins, and also repair them ourselves when needed. We are pleased that we still have bins in circulation which John built over 20 years ago. When we do need to purchase new bins they are sourced from a Morwell company, the biggest bin manufacturer in Australia.

We have approximately 1000 bins out in circulation, and we empty on average 1400 bins per month doing on average 10,000 kms a month. We service from Woodside to Koonwarra and from Venus Bay to Dumbalk and everywhere in between.

We pride ourselves on our service, and our commitment to our customers to keep our costs low and our service levels high. We truly are locally owned and operated – the original blue bin of South Gippsland!